Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Big 2 0

20 years ago today, Bill and I got married.  It was a great fall day in Upstate New York. We danced the night away and ate pie ala mode in fabulous company.

20 years seems like a long time - doesn't it?  Mostly it has flown by, two great kids, career ups & downs as well as many moves and changes along the way.  

I'm proud that we've made it to this milestone and have done the work to still be going strong into our next 20 years. We've certainly had our share of arguments and differences of opinion (Why he just doesn't agree with me - it would be so much faster!).  We've had countless happy times as well as the tough losses of siblings, parents and other loved ones while always being there for each other.

Now, you all know that this is about as mushy as I ever get. It has been fun today, though, to think back on the years feeling so good about being half of this couple.  I am also looking forward to the future - more laughter and tears to come, but great anticipation and excitement as partners and parents.


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