Monday, September 27, 2010

T minus 6

Well, it's almost here.  Less than a week from today, I will be 50 years old.  I've done a lot of thinking about this blog over the last couple of weeks.  I've enjoyed writing it and realized along the way that, like many things, it was easier said than done to keep up with it. 

I fancied myself writing everyday when I first started and quickly realized I didn't have that much to talk about.  Truth be told, there was a little laziness in there too.  

It has been a good journey for me though.  I've learned a few things about myself I didn't realize along the way - I'll share these throughout this last week.

The first is that I really love to write - I will keep up the writing, and in fact, am working on another blog to start next week that will incorporate my love for food, and my new found enjoyment of writing - stay tuned, I'm working on the title.

One goal for next year is to work on both my cooking and my writing.  I love to have something to go to "school" for, so I know I will enjoy finding some classes or workshops to help me learn.

I'll share more learnings this week and, as always, am happy for any thoughts or feedback too.

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